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Although it isn't desirable in every location, a lower roof temperature can offer many benefits. It cuts cooling costs, helps roofing materials last longer and decreases outdoor heat levels. You can reduce the temperature of your roof's surface by up to 50 degrees when you follow these tips:

1. Select a light-colored or reflective material when you replace a roof. This will limit the amount of heat and sunlight it absorbs. Tiles, metal roofing and shingles are available in varieties that promote cooler temperatures.

2. If you don't want to install a new roof in the near future, think about applying a reflective coating to existing surfaces. Building owners with metal roofing can choose lighter colors when they apply new paint. Unpainted metallic surfaces also reflect sunlight.

3. Consider outfitting your attic with a large exhaust fan. It will decrease the temperature of the roof by removing hot air from this part of your home or business. This solution is desirable if you want to keep a dark roof so water dries quickly.

4. Solar panels absorb the sun's rays instead of allowing them to reach roofing materials. This reduces the roof temperature by several degrees. These panels generally perform more efficiently in cool conditions, so light-colored shingles and attic ventilation are especially desirable.

5. Add one or more vents to your attic. This improvement will decrease the amount of heat that reaches your roof as well as living areas. For the best results, clean these vents from time to time. It's best if large eaves thoroughly protect them from rain.

Do you want to replace your roof or make significant changes aimed at reducing the surface temperature? If so, our roofing professionals can help you find the right solutions. Please contact us for expert recommendations that address your specific needs.

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