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The Roof Authority offers top-notch commercial roof repair in Sebastian, FL, to assist you in quickly restoring your damaged roof to its stable, dependable form. We are aware that Florida's harsh sun, rain, hail, and even storms can damage your roof. Give the professionals at The Roof Authority a call if you notice any warning indications of trouble, such as water stains, curled or missing shingles, or persistent moss growth, or if you wish to have the integrity of your roof checked after a storm.

Damage From Hail and Wind

We offer comprehensive analyses of roof damage caused by hail or strong winds. Even if it only seems like a few shingles are damaged or missing, waiting too long to address any problems can lead to more serious difficulties and expensive repairs. With more than three decades of experience, we have encountered all kinds of storm damage and are qualified to manage your roof repair requirements.

Our Maintenance Program

The Roof Authority team offers a routine maintenance program to help extend the lifespan of your roofing system and prevent minor issues from turning into significant and expensive problems. Through routine inspections and preventative maintenance, we can catch latent issues and repair requirements, and we provide you with straightforward and honest diagnoses. Thanks to our cloud-based technology, we can effectively and proactively monitor your roof, as well as:

  • Keep your manufacturer's warranty valid.
  • Provide supplemental warranties.
  • Recommend coatings and roof restoration.

Get Started Today

To get started on protecting your building’s roof, contact The Roof Authority today. Our friendly team looks forward to providing you with high-quality commercial roof repair in Sebastian, FL, to keep your building safe and structurally sound.          

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