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Though hailstorms may not come through Vero Beach very often, when they do, they certainly leave a mark. Traveling as fast as 100 miles per hour, hail stones can do extensive damage to anything—or anybody—unlucky enough to be caught in the storm’s path. With the last hail storm in Vero Beach dropping hail stones in excess of an inch in diameter, the balls of ice ripped into roof shingles, pitted metal roofs, and tore gutters right from their eaves. Though some residents and business owners experience just minor hail damage, it remains important that after a storm, you schedule a comprehensive roof assessment to ensure against future problems.

You need Fort Pierce’s expert in roof repair.

What may look like just a few torn shingles to you, an experienced licensed roofer will identify as damage that is actually a major issue waiting to happen. With missing and torn shingles comes the intrusion of moisture and insects, causing further damage to your interior roofing system—damage that you won’t necessarily see until rain is seeping into the interior of your home, costing you thousands of dollars in repair and restoration.

Don’t wait another minute to contact The Roof Authority, the experts in roof repair, for a comprehensive roof analysis after any storm. The hassle and cost that we can save you in the long run will be worth the effort you put into it now. Find out more with one quick call to our team.

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