Safety tips to save you if you're ever caught in a hail storm

Hail season is upon us, and we at The Roof Authority want to share some tips for staying safe during these dangerous storms. Our area of Florida is especially susceptible to hail storms and other dangerous weather during the summer and early fall months. You’ve probably seen the roof damage that can occur, so imagine what can happen if you don’t know how to protect yourself. Hail can strike at any time, and you can be anywhere. Being prepared for any possibility can help you stay safe in an emergency situation.

At The Roof Authority, we are your hail damage expert. We can repair hail damage to roofs, or if the situation warrants, we can fully replace it. To help remove some of your burden, we will work with your insurance company and help you submit claims and other paperwork. The Roof Authority has served Vero Beach, St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, and the surrounding areas since 1993. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you!

Here are some ways you can stay safe during a hail storm.

Turn On the Radio or TV

When the skies turn dark in the summertime, chances are, there’s a storm brewing. Don’t rely on the forecast you read that morning—weather can be volatile here in Florida and change quickly! Turn on the TV or radio to listen to updates regarding the storm’s path and severity. If you don’t have a battery-operated radio, you might want to get one in case of a power outage in the future.

If You’re Indoors

You might believe you’re completely safe from hail if you’re indoors. However, you still run some risk of being injured if you don’t take precautions. For one, you might want to stand by the window or sliding glass door to watch the storm happen, which is not a safe idea. The wind can shift and propel even small stones through glass, and what was pea-sized hail a minute ago can become golfball-sized pretty quickly. You can take your safety a step further and close the drapes for an added layer of protection. Avoid rooms that have skylights. If you have pets, move them to interior rooms to help calm them and keep them out of the way of flying glass and ice.

If You’re Outdoors

A storm can crop up when you’re enjoying an afternoon at the beach or going for a run in your neighborhood. You might be far from home, so you’ll need to find substantial shelter immediately. Never stand under trees (this should be your last resort!) because they can be struck by lightning, and the force of the hailstones can make branches fall off. Find an overpass, business, or another place to seek shelter where you won’t be at risk of being swept away by a sudden surge of water (culverts, drainage ditches, etc.).

If You’re In Your Car

Pull over immediately. Hail can accumulate on the road to create slick, unsafe conditions. Additionally, if the stones become big enough, they can pierce your windows or even do damage to the body of your car. Stay inside your car, as it will probably be the only means of protection you have. Cover up with jackets or blankets, and move to the backseat to cover small children.

If your home suffers hail damage to its roof, contact The Roof Authority today!