How to prepare your roof for summer storms

Here in eastern Florida, we see our fair share of summer storms. Spring is nearly over, and as summer takes over, it’s time to get serious about having your roof inspected. Small issues can turn into large (and expensive) issues if they’re not addressed early, so getting roof repairs taken care of is of the highest importance.

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Here’s what you need to do to get ready for summer storms.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

Scheduling a roof inspection should be your first step. The untrained eye might be able to pick out some of the obvious repairs that need to be done, but most probably won’t be able to determine how deep the damage runs or know how to fix it. When you have an experienced contractor take a look, you’ll know that they will be thorough and have your best interests at heart. They can handle your roof repairs to ensure that the damage won’t worsen if a nasty storm comes to visit.

Have Your Gutters Cleaned

One often-overlooked part of your home is the gutter. You see the undersides of your gutters on a daily basis, but when’s the last time you got up to look into them? Do you even know what’s in them right now? Chances are, probably not. When your gutters are full of leaves, sticks, and other debris, you’re running the risk of them overflowing. While this might not sound like such a bad thing, runoff can cause damage to your yard, sidewalks, and even the foundation of your home. Make sure your gutters are cleaned regularly and that they’re working correctly.

Check Your Soffits

Soffits are another overlooked part of the home, but they should regularly be inspected, too! You’re probably familiar with the critters that lurk around your home, and you know you don’t want them inside your home. Soffits can warp, crack, and age, allowing bugs, rodents, birds, and who knows what else inside. Make sure that the soffits, the structures around them, and all the other connected parts are in excellent working order to prevent issues from happening.

Call an Arborist or Landscaper

If you’re lucky enough to have large trees in your yard, you will want to keep an eye on them and ensure that they’re trimmed regularly. Strong gusts of wind can snap even a strong branch, which can cause your entire roof to collapse. An experienced tree expert can assess the health of your tree, so that if there are any diseased or damaged branches, they can address those before they cause huge, costly problems.

Searching for roofers in Fort Pierce and the surrounding areas? Contact The Roof Authority! We will thoroughly inspect and assess your home’s roof and gutters, as well as point out any issues that could potentially contribute to issues down the road. We will provide a free estimate for any repairs that need to be done, and are happy to work with your insurance company if you need to file a claim. We are licensed, insured, and bondable, so you can take comfort knowing that you’re putting your home’s future in excellent hands. We look forward to working with you. Contact us now to get started!