How dirty gutters can hurt your home

Dirty gutters are something a lot of us don’t give much thought to. They’re pretty much the epitome of “out of sight; out of mind.” But they’re something that you will be giving a lot of thought to if they ever fail you, and one of the main reasons they will fail is if you don’t have them cleaned out on a regular basis (and by regular, we don’t mean once every ten years!).

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Here’s what you need to know about keeping your gutters clean.

Protects Your Foundation

Gutters aren’t there just to make sure that the rainwater is directed to specific points of the yard. Yes, that is basically what they do, but when you understand why, you’ll have a much greater respect for them. If water is allowed to freefall off the sides of the house, the water will collect near your foundation. Your foundation will weaken, potentially buckle, and cause major structural damage to your home and roof. When the gutter channels that water to parts of your yard away from your foundation, you’re protecting the integrity of your home.

Protects Your Roof

Your shingles are pretty water resistant, and you might not give them much thought. But when water runs down the roof and isn’t channeled into a gutter, it can collect beneath your eaves, which are usually wood, causing them to mold, warp, and crack. And the sides of your home, including your stucco or siding and trim, will also begin to deteriorate well before their time.

Protects Your Landscaping

Florida is no stranger to humidity and moisture, but when you have excess rainfall and your gutters are clogged, it can fall onto your sidewalk, driveway, and landscaping surrounding your home. The sidewalk and driveway will buckle and warp, and the landscaping could die, become diseased, and not look healthy at all. Having bushes and trees removed and replaced (not to mention a sidewalk or driveway) is expensive work, and we can guarantee that you would have rather paid for a professional gutter cleaning instead.

Prevents Mold

Florida, being as humid as it is, is already susceptible to mold. But when your gutters can’t do their job, you’re going to have even more mold to contend with. And while some might believe that mold is merely an aesthetic issue, the truth is, mold is seriously detrimental to your health. It can cause headaches, respiratory issues, exacerbate asthma and other chronic illnesses, and more. You don’t want to take that for granted.

Be sure to have your gutters cleaned regularly to avoid these issues from happening. And when you need an expert residential roofer in the Fort Pierce area, call The Roof Authority. We specialize in residential, industrial, new construction, green, and commercial roofing, and look forward to serving you. Call us today!