When you should replace your concrete tile roof

Concrete tile roofing is a popular option in our region for many reasons. Tile roofing is long lasting, and with quality materials and proper care, can last over 20 years. They’re resistant to strong winds, hail storms, fire, decay, insect damage, and a host of other destructive forces. Not only that, they come in so many styles and colors, meaning you can have a home you love with the look you love. And because you live in the sunny, hot climate of Florida, you’ll appreciate that they’re energy efficient, keep your home cool, and can save you money in energy costs. Despite their perks, there comes a time when they will have to be replaced. In this article, we’ll share some signs that it’s time to replace your concrete tile roof!

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Here are some signs it might be time to replace your tile roofing.

The Age of the Tiles

As we mentioned earlier, concrete tiles can last over 20 years in the Florida climate. If your roof is approaching 15-20 years old, you should consider being proactive when it comes to its replacement. Be sure to stay up on your regular roof maintenance and inspections with your roofer in Vero Beach, especially as the structure reaches old age, to stay on top of any issues that might crop up.

Storm Damage

One of the perks of concrete tiles is that they can withstand quite a bit of environmental abuse. In fact, hailstones 2” and smaller usually prove to be no match for concrete. That said, if you suffer the onslaught of large hail, or several hail storms over a period of time, as well as hurricane-force winds and other damage, it might be time to consider roof replacement for your Vero Beach home.

Visible Fading and Damage

Sometimes, the damage sustained over time is superficial and doesn’t warrant replacement to preserve the integrity of the rest of your home. However, if your home looks more like “the scary-looking house at the end of the street” than the rest of the homes in the neighborhood, it’s time to take action. When your tile roofing looks old, faded, and damaged, it’s dragging down the appeal of the rest of your house—and potentially those around you.

Your Home’s Energy Efficiency is Suffering

If you notice you’re paying more for utilities and can’t attribute it to any other cause, it could be that your roof is negatively affecting your home’s energy efficiency. Stop throwing money out the window and fix or replace that roof! There’s no need to keep throwing money to your local utility companies when you can have a brand-new, energy-efficient roof that will fix the issue.

The Underlayment is Damaged

The underlayment, while not something that is as apparent as the tiles themselves, can also affect your home. When the underlayment is leaking, shrinking, and dried out—or if it wasn’t installed correctly in the first place—it can lead to leaks and other damage to the structural integrity of your home. Even if your roof is in otherwise good condition, the underlayment, unfortunately, can be cause enough for an entire replacement.

Concrete and clay tile roofing are excellent choices for the Florida climate! When you’re considering roof replacement in Vero Beach, consider tile roofing. The roofing experts at The Roof Authority can visit your home, inspect your structure, and provide you with a free estimate. When you need a roofer in Vero Beach and the surrounding areas, give us a call to get started today!