Learn what a soffit is and what it does

Soffits are an often-overlooked part of the home, and that’s a shame. While unassuming, for the most part, the soffits on your home perform incredibly important functions and should be given more attention. In this post, we’ll go over what soffits do, how they function, and why you should pay attention to them on a regular basis.

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Ready to learn more about what soffits do? Read on!

Where Soffits are Located

Start by heading outside, and find a place where you’ll have a good view of your roof’s overhang. Now look up at the overhang. The material underneath is where you’ll find your soffits.

Types of Soffits

Soffits can come in a number of styles. Some soffits are mostly solid wood or vinyl (or other types of building materials) that have an occasional vent. You might also see soffits with built-in vents that run the length of the overhang. And there are soffits that are 100% vented.

What Soffits Do

Primarily, soffits allow for air to flow into your attic—in other words, these easy-to-miss vents allow your home to breathe. Air flow is critical to your home because it’ll prevent it from overheating, therefore, lowering your utility bills. During the cooler months, the soffits prevent the buildup of moisture, which you already know is especially important in our area. If your home doesn’t have mold and mildew buildup, that is in large part because of your soffits.

Soffits and Pests

One reason you’ll want to take a look at your soffits regularly is that they can allow pests inside your home. Now, if everything is in working order and the holes in the vents are pretty small, you might see a few bugs here and there—be sure to check your attic for unwanted guests. However, if the materials are old, cracked, warped, or rotting, you could end up with raccoons, snakes, and other critters taking up residence in your attic (and even making their way into the other parts of your home). For this reason, you’ll want to take a look under your overhang on a regular basis to make sure that you don’t see any damage. And if you do see damage, you’re going to want to get in touch with your roofing contractor right away to schedule your roof repairs!

Clogged Soffits

Another issue you might find is that your soffits are clogged with debris. This could be due to clogged gutters or other issues (and on a side note, while you’re looking upward, how clean are your gutters?). If you know your home isn’t getting the circulation it needs, head up into your attic. It’s possible that the issue could be caused by something that’s fallen in the way, for example.

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