Ways to decorate your covered porch

One of the best things about living in coastal Florida is that we enjoy some gorgeous weather pretty much year-round. And one of the perks of that weather is enjoying time outdoors, whether it’s lounging on the white sands of the beach while enjoying the view of turquoise waters, or spending time with loved ones under a relaxing covered porch. Covered porches, with all the creature comforts one would find indoors, are a wonderful extension of the home, and are perfect for entertaining.

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Here are some ways you can make your covered patio a relaxing slice of paradise.

Cover it Up

Right off the bat, we want to emphasize the importance of covering your deck or patio. This is for a few reasons. For one, the blazing Florida sun can quickly deteriorate your decking surface, as well as the furniture, cushions, and other accouterments you keep. Unless you want to keep replacing these things, we recommend covering them with a roof, and not a pergola. Pergolas are beautiful, but allow sun and the elements to peek through. But when you install a roof that matches or complements your home, you’re not only adding value to your home, you’re protecting everything underneath it. And finally, even if it rains, the party can still go on! You won’t be cooped up inside, and can still enjoy your time outdoors without becoming soaked.

Start with the Furniture

Furniture on your patio is going to make your space comfortable to lounge in, and allow you to entertain, eat meals on your deck, and enjoy other activities. We recommend starting with a table, four to six chairs, and a bench. If you can comfortably fit more, you can add rockers and other types of chairs, as well as side tables. It used to be that you could only get wrought iron patio furniture, but now there are a number of options, including wicker, synthetic wicker, cedar, and more. Go with what works for your budget, as well as the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve.

Add Planters

One thing we love about Florida is that we can grow a number of gorgeous, lush, bright plants outdoors year-round. You can get a number of miniature citrus trees, hydrangea, palm trees, hibiscus, and others. Plants add an element of calmness to the space, as well as color, dimension, and beauty. The planters can either blend in to the rest of your decorations or provide additional pops of color.

Incorporate Soft Materials

Soft materials include things like table runners, upholstery, pillows, and so on. You can also hang up gauzy curtains that will keep the bugs out to an extent, as well as provide just a bit of privacy and ambiance (and they look great when you add fairy lights!). Rugs can protect your feet from the heat, add some color, and tie everything together. Be sure that when you choose your soft materials that you’re selecting waterproof materials, or at least ones that are made specifically for being outdoors. Indoor materials will harbor mold and not last long!

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