Reasons you need a commercial roofing contractor

If you’re a business owner, your roof is probably one of the last things you’re thinking about right now. However, it should be something you pay attention to, at the very least, twice a year (if you’re not sure why, keep reading!). Your roof not only protects everything you’ve worked so hard to put under it, but will help your employees stay healthy and avoid more sick days, too.

The Roof Authority is a residential and commercial roofer that serves Vero Beach, St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, Indian River County, Martin County, and St. Lucie County. If you’re a business owner or manager in need of commercial roof repair or a brand new roof, call the roof experts. We’ve served the area since 1993, and can install energy-efficient roofing, green roofing, and much more. Contact us now for your free consultation!

Here are some of the reasons you should have a roofing contractor in your contacts.

Service and Maintenance

To keep your roof functioning properly for decades to come, it needs to receive attention. Calling a roofing contractor only when something goes wrong isn’t enough! Having them visit twice a year and after major wind/hail/storms is the most ideal way to stay on top of things. They can inspect the surface and the areas underneath to ensure there are no leaks, damage, or issues that would lead to costly repairs down the road. Catching issues while they’re still minor will save you money and avoid downtime in your business.

Employee Health

Even tiny cracks can allow moisture into your building, which can lead to mold and mildew. While many people look at mold and mildew as more of a cosmetic issue, in truth, it’s far worse than that. When exposed, your employees can become ill with chronic respiratory issues, leading to downtime and loss of productivity. Additionally, those with existing issues such as asthma or COPD will be hit especially hard. Your commercial roofer can quickly pinpoint the cracks and fix them to avoid this problem.

Energy-Efficient Roofing

Your existing roof might be old and outdated, and it might also leech resources, costing you money. If you’re spending a large portion of your monthly budget on cooling and energy costs, and notice that they’re steadily increasing, the problem could lie in your roof. When it allows cold air to escape, your AC has to work overtime to keep the building cool. Having a commercial roofer work with you to create more energy-efficiency, whether through better roofing materials or a green roof, can save you so much money for years to come in energy costs and the cost to repair and replace your HVAC equipment.

Increase Curb Appeal

Be honest with yourself: how attractive is your business’ exterior? Does your roof detract from the overall effect? You could have a really fantastic condominium, rooftop bar, or retail store, but if the outside is a bit dilapidated or rundown-looking, you could be losing customers. Give your business a better shot at attracting people by giving your roof a much-needed facelift.

When it comes down to it, you need to entrust your baby with the roof experts. The Roof Authority is a commercial roofer who can repair or replace your roof, and we do it with superior materials and decades of experience behind us. Contact us now and we’ll show you what we can do for you!