Much like the top of our heads, roofs don’t get the respect they deserve. Roofs do many things to help protect us and our homes from harm like water damage and pests. Most of the time, we neglect our roofs until a problem springs up that we need to address in order to keep our homes in perfect working order. And when people are beginning to look into selling their homes, the first place the look is inside the house. In today’s blog, the expert roofing contractors at The Roof Authority will go over how investing in your roof will raise the overall value of your home and will also make it even more efficient at the same time.

New Shingles

No matter what kind of shingles you have on your home, eventually they’ll need a little love or need to be replaced altogether. Shingles play a pivotal role in safely moving water away from your home while also keeping debris and pests from entering. If you’re missing shingles or they’re damaged and worn out, you, your home, and your family may suffer the consequences. If you’re trying to sell your home, a roof with damaged or missing shingles won’t sell as well as one with those in great condition or are brand new. Replacing your shingles will boost the overall value of your home greatly while also making it more efficient for any and all who live inside of it.

New Flashingarchitecture,structure,window,glass,roof,wall

You may have never heard of this next one before, but it’s an incredibly important part of your home, especially your roof. Flashing is metal stripping placed around the natural cracks and crevices of your roof where different parts and edges meet. Flashing keeps things like precipitation and pests out of these natural crevices, ensuring that nothing gets into your home and causes harm. Over time, your flashing could be damaged from weathering or contact from debris. Replacing your flashing will keep things that may harm you and your home out while also raising the base value of your home.

Roof Repair & Roof Replacement

Stuff happens, especially with the wild weather we can get here in Florida. After a while, your roof may receive damage from things like hail, debris, over-hanging trees dropping leaves, or something else. Damages like this can cause even more damage to your home internally if left unchecked long enough. Having your roof inspected by professional roofers will help uncover any instances of damage you may not have known about or realized. Then, having that damage repaired will help increase your home’s value if you should look into selling it. Should your roof be beyond repair, or it’s just time to get a new one, roof replacement will do wonders for your home on multiple levels.

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