What you should do after a hurricane

What To Do After a Hurricane

We’ve all been in bad weather before, but there isn’t much that can withstand the full force of a hurricane. We here at The Roof Authority hope that you and your family never have to experience this or any natural disaster. But should it ever happen to you, here’s a guide of what to do after a hurricane.

Stay Alert and Prepared

Continue listening to weather radio and/or local news for constant updates and to be sure the storm has completely passed. If you evacuated DO NOT return home until officials say the area is safe. If the area is flooded, stay away. Unseen debris, animals or other dangerous hazards could be lying unseen in the water. If you’re driving do not drive your vehicle into the water. Debris could puncture and/or deflate the tires or water levels could be deeper than they appear and you could become stranded. Stay away from loose or dangling power lines, ESPECIALLY if they are in or around some form of water. Do not enter any building or home that has water around it.

Know What to Consume

Just because something looks clean doesn’t mean that it is. If you found food, drinks or anything else you believe to be consumable in free standing water or laying around somewhere DO NOT consume it. The item may have become contaminated in the storm and could cause you to become ill. If you don’t know where it came from, don’t eat it. Consume food only when you know that it’s clean. Drink potable water only. If no potable water is available, boiling water can kill germs and bacteria that cause most illnesses due to contaminated water. This should only be used in emergency situations as, even after boiling the water, contaminantes in the water or instruments used to boil it could still occur.

Protect Yourself at All Times

Appearances aren’t always what they seem. Never venture out on unstable ground or flooring. When cleaning up, wear protective clothing, gloves and footwear to avoid injury and infection. Find a safe place to store loose debris, lawn furniture or anything else that may blow away in the event of high winds returning. Strengthen any damaged windows, walls, doors and broken trees to avoid any extra damage to homes. If access to electricity is unavailable, use cell phones only for emergencies. Keep animals close to you and under your direct control; they may try to run or escape due to fear.

If any damage happens to your home during or after a hurricane, feel free to contact us for an inspection. Our experts will come to you to asses the damage and see how to move forward. We here at The Roofing Authority are here for you, and we service anyone and everyone. From our main office in Fort Pierce to the beautiful coast of Vero Beach and everything in between, we have you covered under any circumstance. If you’d like we can schedule a free estimate today, or you can view our gallery and see all of our satisfied customers.