With Vero Beach facing the eastern shore of Florida, it’s not really a surprise that we can get some fairly significant storms here. Though most of the year we’re spoiled with almost constant Florida sunshine, those random storms can be quite damaging. As roofing contractors in Vero Beach, we’ve seen just about all types of weather systems do damage to what seemed like fairly solid roofing systems, sometimes causing thousands of dollars of damage. Many times, when the roof is extensively damaged, families and businesses also experience loss of assets and personal property. Working as your friends in the roofing industry, we are proud to help you recover from those damages by processing insurance claims for you.

Because emergency work is often required after a storm, whether water damage is to blame or a tree branch has made your home or business uninhabitable, we promise a prompt and professional response, striving to protect your property from further damage. In an effort to relieve some of the stress that comes from having to deal with a crisis, we handle the claims process, working directly with your insurance agent to ensure a positive outcome.

Discover why so many of your friends and neighbors rely on The Roof Authority by calling us now for your roof damage assessment.