Always striving to remain on the cutting-edge of the roofing industry, we proudly offer green roofing technologies and implementation in order to support our environmentally-focused values as a company. Installing and repairing Vero Beach roofs with eco-friendly processes and techniques, we try to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible. Believing it is our duty and responsibility as a roofing contractor, we utilize every asset at our disposal to promote the use of green building materials.

Not only working to reduce the amount of building materials that we send to the local landfills, but also striving to eliminate the long-term effects of urban forests, every aspect of our daily business is geared towards green initiatives. With new roofing materials and upgraded systems allowing more and more home and business owners to be able to enjoy the benefits of eco-friendly roofing, we continue to improve our practices and make green roofing a priority at The Roof Authority offices.

To find out more about green, or eco-friendly, roofing and its benefits, schedule your at-home roofing assessment now. We promise a prompt, friendly response delivered with a smile.