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  1. When you should replace your concrete tile roof

    When to Replace Your Concrete Tile Roof

    Concrete tile roofing is a popular option in our region for many reasons. Tile roofing is long lasting, and with quality materials and proper care, can last over 20 years. They’re resistant to stron…Read More

  2. Learn what a soffit is and what it does

    What is a Soffit, and What Does it Do?

    Soffits are an often-overlooked part of the home, and that’s a shame. While unassuming, for the most part, the soffits on your home perform incredibly important functions and should be given more at…Read More

  3. Ways to decorate your covered porch

    How to Decorate Your Covered Patio

    One of the best things about living in coastal Florida is that we enjoy some gorgeous weather pretty much year-round. And one of the perks of that weather is enjoying time outdoors, whether it’s lou…Read More

  4. How to buy a roof by the Roof Authority

    A Guide to Buying a Roof

    Whether you’re buying a new roof because of an unexpected event like a severe storm, or buying one because yours is too old, taking the time to selecting the right residential roofing contractor—a…Read More

  5. How green roofing can help you

    The Benefits of Green Roofing

    As populations grow in our area, the importance of providing environmentally friendly building techniques. Residential and commercial businesses who want to employ more eco-friendly practices will fin…Read More