Does Your Roof Have Water Damage?

Does Your Roof Have Water Damage_

Does Your Roof Have Water Damage?

Have you noticed any new water damage to your ceiling or drywall?
Is the drywall tape separating from the drywall ceiling seams?
Do you have brown water spots on your ceiling?

The Roof Authority has installed all types of roofing. Combine this with our years of experience here in Florida, and you will see why we can install, repair, and recommend your next roofing project from start to finish.

Today's tip on water damage:
Immediately locate where the leak is coming from before you continue.
Next, you want to be sure to eliminate any further damage from happening to your home or business. Putting off the repairs is going to allow for additional and expensive cost to continue to your home or business.

The Roof Authority is the local roofing contractor that will not only identify and repair the leakage but also prevent further concerns of the leak coming back.
Residential Roof Repair in Vero Beach
Are you walking on an old or damaged roof in need of repair?
If so, weathered roofs can be very dangerous to walk on.
Did you know shingles (asphalt) remain the dominant roofing option here in North America?

The materials that make up these shingles are.
1. Fiberglass
2. Asphalt
3. Granules
4. Sealant
5. Release Film

If you are finding the granules that help to make the shingles weather-proof is coming off, that is a sure sign it's time to call someone about your roof. While a rubber-soled shoe can help with being more stable walking, it's best to get the professionals at The Roof Authority to check the condition of your roof.
WARNING!! Walking or working on the worn asphalt shingle can be an extremely slippery surface to navigate. Be very careful!

The Roof Authority is certified to service the entire state of Florida and has proudly served the Treasure Coast since 1993. We handle all aspects of the replacement within our team including full replacement of gutters and downspouts and any sheet metal/chimney cap work. We pride ourselves on professionalism and quality from the initial call, our completed projects, project closeout through our yearly inspection and maintenance plans. TRA is manufacturer approved to install Owens Corning, Johns Manville, GAF, Firestone, Polyglass, Carlisle, Fibertite, Tamko, Soprema, Englert, Tropical Products to name a few.

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