1. Why You Need An Industrial Roofer

    Homes aren’t the only buildings with roofs. Commercial and industrial buildings use their roofs just like a home would, just on a much larger scale than most private residences. If you aren’t usin…Read More

  2. Roof Materials Through The Ages

    It’s well known that fads change almost as fast as they come out. One day, bell-bottoms and bobbed hair is popular, then shaved heads and skinny jeans are the norm, only to have bell-bottoms re-emer…Read More

  3. The Different Types Of Shingles

    Chances are, you don’t really ever think about shingles until you need to redo your roof. They’re far away, they stay on top of your house, and unless there’s something wrong with your shingles,…Read More

  4. How To Santa-Proof Your Roof

    The holidays are in full swing. Though Vero Beach, Florida doesn’t see the same seasonal changes like other places in the country, we still know that Santa Claus is on his way with his reindeer, sle…Read More

  5. More Tips For Hanging Christmas Lights

    More Tips For Hanging Christmas Lights

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  6. How To Maintain Your Shake Shingle Roof

    Shake shingle roofs are known for their natural beauty and have been used in roofing for centuries. Like all other outdoor materials and products, shake shingle roofs need regular maintenance in order…Read More

  7. What to look for in a roofer by The Roof Authority

    Things To Look For In A Roofer

    Getting a new roof on your home is a big investment. It should be done with care and precision to ensure that it’s installed properly. To do this, you’ll need an experienced roofing company to ens…Read More

  8. The warning signs that say your roof may have a leak

    Warning Signs Your Roof May Have a Leak

    Sometimes knowing you have a leaky roof is obvious. Dripping water or puddles on the top floor or water spots on the ceiling are a few of the most apparent signs of a leak. Before any major damage can…Read More